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You're on the edge of breakthrough

You are ready for your next level.

Maybe it’s to …

  • transition some area of your life
  • start something completely new
  • find a solution to one or more areas of stuckness
  • take on more than you have before and stand in your power

You know you need a creative solution because what you’ve been doing so far has gotten you… here.

You’re ready to take things to the next level.

You will create
a breakthrough
plan of action

Get unstuck & move forward with purpose


… HAVING clarity of vision and purpose

… BEING deeply connected to your larger vision

… MOVING with intention through the world

… PURE satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy in each day.






your deeper purpose and vision


at limiting beliefs


A Breakthrough Plan Of Action


First, you’re in the driver’s seat and can move, or not, at your own pace.

I don’t push for a sale, and I don’t convince you to try it.

Here’s what you get:

You get three value-packed experiences before you commit to a full program.

  1. The Spark
    (3-5 min online form, FREE)

  2. The Breakthrough
    (60 min coaching call, FREE)

  3. The Plan
    (20-30 minute overview of what we can create together, FREE)

You get the experience and YOU decide if and when to take the next step.

Want a taste of how I think?

I’ve got a great weekly-ish newsletter with valuable tools you can use right away


At each stage of your journey, you will get real value.


What do you get?

My Coachees get:

  • Clarity of Purpose
    Decisions are easy when you’ve got Purpose.
  • a Vision you can communicate clearly
    The path almost reveals itself once you’re there.
  • Action steps to take right now
    Make progress, past all your old high-scores
  • Systems that work for the long term
    Custom-tailored systems to KEEP that progress
… and more.

When you get the first two value-packed experiences & WHEN you are kicking ass, THEN we take that potential and AMPLIFY.

The full project is a customized 3-6 month program with weekly or bi-weekly calls and ongoing messaging access.

A Custom Fit

An investment in yourself works like any other.

When you invest now:

  • You will see dividends sooner
  • You will see a greater result and impact over time
  • And you will have more time to grow and diversify your result/impact

Invest in Yourself

Why it works


I don’t coach a profession,
I coach people.​

For my one-on-one Coaching, I have some requirements:

  • You are working at the edge of capacity and ability.
  • You have a positive impact on your world.
  • You have more you want to do, a bigger impact to create.

Artists. Execs. Entrepreneurs. Yes, and more.

You all share the desire to make a transition to your next level, and you know you have to get creative.

You want to connect with your greater potential, find your hidden stash of courage, and deliver it to the world.


This is what others are Saying

The Spark

“Can’t start a fire without a spark.”
– The Boss

In 3-5 minutes, you can see if you are ready to start your fire.

who am i?

I am a Coach, also an award-winning artist, educator, and parent.

For the last 20ish years I have successfully navigated multiple career and life transitions, always happier and closer to my own Purpose every time.

I have coached and been coached in formal programs like Erickson International, deep coaching weekend retreats, one-on-one short and long term, and with organizational leaders that have built incredible projects out of thin air.

What I am great at is helping people find where they hid their courage, where their genius lies, and how to put those things together to achieve dreams of any size.


How can I be sure this is a fit?

The three value-packed experiences are designed to give you an actual taste of the 3-month program.

The Spark and The Breakthrough Call are free.


Do you work with Absolutely anyone?


I work with people who are ready, and who are willing to face their discomfort.

Are you are willing to think bigger than you have in the past? Does unknown potential excite you? It seems like you’re not just anyone, and might be ready
to get started.

Will you help me stay on track?

You won’t need me to, even if that’s been a challenge.

You will be so clear on your vision and purpose you won’t need reminders anymore.

You will have the tools you need to not need me.


How much does the program cost?

The Spark and the Breakthrough are free.

If you are still a hell yes after those valuable experiences, we go over pricing for your full program.


How much work is it?

If you have the right mindset: none.

Because you are so ready, it’s a joy, not work.

Big changes are exciting, not tedious.


Why would i sign up for coaching with you over someone else?

Honestly, only you can answer that. The only way to find out is to take that first step.

I’m ready. What now?

Click the blue button.


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