The Unleash Creativity Club





You can sense your potential.

Now you can unleash it.

Unleash Your Creativity

This program
is for you if...

  • You are a working creative
  • You’ve been going it mostly alone
  • You know what to do, but you’re not doing it
  • You are afraid to apply for some jobs
  • You feel stuck with your current work
  • You are having trouble getting started on bigger projects
  • You are afraid to start your next big personal project
  • You would love a safe place to test out your ideas before taking first steps
  • Your confidence is low
  • You enjoy being in the company of other creatives that is safe, supportive, confidential, and fun
  • You are ready for tough questions
  • You’re not sure what you’re not doing “right”
  • Your biggest dream is to just pay your bills
  • You just want to keep doing what you are doing and have it magically work
  • You aren’t willing to make attendance a priority
  • You refuse to journal, ever
  • You think just thinking on your own about what to do will solve your problems
  • You are unwilling to be challenged and come up with new imaginative strategies
  • You are unwilling to try new things
  • You aren’t willing to invest time and money into building a life that is focused on fulfillment

This program
is NOT for you if...

The Unleash Creativity Club

“You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone.”
– my Coach Dermot Butterly, 6-figure Coach and mentor

“Stop winging it.”
– my Coach Jamie Broderick, leadership and positioning


  • 6 x 90ish minute group Coaching sessions
  • Every two weeks for three months
  • 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
  • Starts May 18
  • 2pm EST / 11am PST
  • All Zoom meetings will be confidential
  • All meetings will be recorded and shared to your private members only Discord group
  • Expectation of daily posts in the group from everyone to maximize creative flow
  • Membership in a private Discord channel for this cohort of the club
  • Membership to a private Discord channel for all current and future club members (a growing community)
  • Zoom calls will be focused on powerful questions to shift your thinking
  • Group attention on the issues most pressing to you
  • Exercises and homework designed to unlock your potential, or get you unstuck
  • Individual attention from Professional Coach, Marc Scheff
  • A community of people who know that success comes from heart and spirit
  • Accountability will be built into the program with exercises between session
  • Support and challenge as you need to get past stuckness
  • Cost: Tiered pricing $250-1250

Want a taste of the tools I use?

I’ve got a great weekly-ish newsletter with valuable tools you can use right away

Now imagine if you had the a group and Coach,
pushing you past what you can do alone?

Imagine if the tools were specific to YOUR journey?

What Else do you get?

My Coachees get:

  • Clarity of Purpose
    Decisions are easy when you’ve got Purpose.
  • a Vision you can communicate clearly
    The path reveals itself once you’re there.
  • Action steps to take right now
    Make progress, past all your old high-scores
  • Systems that work for the long term
    Custom-tailored systems to stay committed and build on that progress
… and more.

I don’t work with everyone.

I work with people who will get value out of the work.

The application process is simple:

  1. A Coaching form
    A simple coaching exercise you can do in a few minutes. At the end of the form you evaluate your results. IF you found you gained an insight or value from filling out the questionnaire
  2. Choose a tier
    I’m experimenting with an honor system on this sliding scale payment. Tiers will range from 250-750, and a premium tier with one on one attention at 1250 Each tier will have a description, choose the one that best matches your circumstances.


Meetings begin May 18 and then biweekly.


How do I apply?

who am i?

I am a Coach,
also an award-winning artist,
educator, and parent.

For the last 20ish years I have successfully navigated multiple career and life transitions, a few of which were through "dark" times. Each transition made me happier and closer to my own Purpose every time.

I have coached and been coached in formal programs like Erickson International, deep coaching weekend retreats, one-on-one short and long term, and with organizational leaders that have built incredible projects out of thin air.

What I am great at is helping people find where they hid their courage, where their genius lies, and how to put those things together to achieve dreams of any size.



Your potential


your deeper purpose and vision


at limiting beliefs


A Breakthrough Plan Of Action


This is what others are Saying


How can I be sure this is a fit?

If you do the work, remain open, and push yourself to look deeply and objectively at the stories you have been telling yourself for your whole life, you will see a change. 

Do you work with Absolutely anyone?


I work with people who are ready, and who are willing to face their discomfort.

Are you are willing to think bigger than you have in the past? Does unknown potential excite you? If that sounds like you, then it seems like you’re not just anyone, and might be ready to get started.

Will you help me stay on track?

Accountability is built in.

I’m also not your dad. There are no grades, no consequences beyond your own integrity.

This is a judgment free space.

Will I ask what happened?

Will you be judged if you fail?
Absolutely not,
especially if you are willing to get up again.

My goal is for you to have tools at the end of this program to accelerate your creativity and support your ongoing growth.


How much does the program cost?

I am using a tiered pricing model based on the Green Bottle Model and Joyful Marketing.

This is a radically inclusive honor system ranging from $250-750 and a Premium tier at 1250 for the 3 month program.


How much work is it?

If you have the right mindset: none.

Because when you are ready, this journey is joy, not work.

Big changes are exciting, not tedious.


Why would i sign up for coaching with you over someone else?

If my approach and thinking inspire you.

The application process is a taste of the program itself. 

Before you commit, I will ask you to challenge yourself to create an imaginative result.

And I design the program in part to align with the outcomes the participants select for themselves.


I’m ready. What now?

Click the blue button below to apply.


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